Artificial Grass for Dogs by Lawn World

Planning to get a pet dog? A pet dog can definitely prove to be the best companion but it is important to know you have to take responsibility for their wellbeing and good health. Many people believe that by giving their pet dogs healthy food and taking care of their health, they are playing their part for their dog’s wellbeing. They tend to neglect an important factor that affects the wellbeing of pet dogs and that is their physical activities.
Pet dogs love to be taken for a walk or play in the field. However, not many pet owners make arrangement for their physical activities. Due to their busy routine, they are unable to take their pet dogs our for a walk or in a park to play. The best solution, in such a situation, is to create a play area for your dogs in your own home? Wondering how can you do it? The answer lies in the artificial grass.
Also known as fake grass and synthetic grass, artificial grass offers numerous benefits. It is ideal for homes that have pet dogs. Due to their rising popularity, numerous companies are now manufacturing artificial grass but when it comes to quality and standard, artificial grass by Lawn World is unmatched.
Have a look at some of the remarkable features of artificial grass by Lawn World and benefits you will obtain by getting it installed in your home:
Hassle-Free Maintenance
The biggest problem with real grass comes in form of its maintenance. If you have a lawn with a real grass, it becomes inevitable for you to spend hours in the lawn in order to maintain it. You will also be required to use costly supplies and gardening tools. Furthermore, real grass tends to get damaged if a pet dog plays on it. On the other hand, if you are opting for fake grass, there will be no such issue. You can let your dog play on the grass for hours without worrying about the grass getting damaged.
A factor that makes our artificial grass the most reliable among those offered by other manufacturers is reliability. We use highest-quality materials for the manufacturing of grass. Thus, it can last for a long period of time without losing its sheen and mettle.
Real-Like Look
Our fake grass, due to its quality manufacturing, gives real-like look and feel. Furthermore, its texture is also similar to that of the real grass. Thus, if you have friends coming over, rest assured, they will not be able to tell whether it is real or fake grass.
Easy Cleaning
Cleaning our artificial grass is relatively easier as compared to cleaning real grass. In the case of animal waste, a foul odour starts coming from the real grass, even if it is properly cleaned. However, with our artificial grass, there will be no such issue. Our fake grass features an enzyme cleaner that not only helps to keep the grass spotlessly clean but eradicates the smell as well, giving your lawn a tidy and pleasant look.
K9 4-phase System
Our artificial grass has a special k9 4-phase system. The 4 phases of this system include base work, K9 turf infill, k9 turf enzyme cleaner, and ProFlow urethane backing. Each of these phases has its own function.
No More Muddy Footprints
Having real grass and letting your dog play on it is akin to making your whole house dirty because of their footprints get muddy. With artificial grass from Lawn World, no such issue will surface since there will be no muddy footprints. You will be spared from cleaning your home altogether after your dog has played on the turf.
No Risk of Injuries and Infections
Germs and other microorganisms reside in the real grass. When a dog plays on this grass, they are more at prone to suffer from certain diseases and infections. With artificial grass for dogs from Lawn World, the risk of injuries and infections gets minimized. This is due to the fact that it is germ-free.
Furthermore, when the real grass gets wet, it becomes slippery. This can result in your dog getting injured while playing on it. Due to the effective drainage system of the artificial grass, no such problem you will have to face as any liquid spill will be drained properly and quickly. Your dog can play for long hours on the grass facing no risk of injury and disease.
Our artificial grass for dogs can prove to be extremely budget-friendly for you. To begin with, you will be spared from spending a huge chunk of your income for buying gardening tools and supplies. There will be no requirement to buy expensive lawn products including fertilizers and seeds that are necessary for the maintenance of real grass.
Our artificial grass may seem to be expensive to some because of its one-time cost but, in reality, it is a budget-friendly option as you will not have to pay for any other expenses once you have purchased it. Cleaning and maintaining it won’t burn a hole in your pockets.
Enhanced Satisfaction
With artificial grass for dogs from Lawn World, you will get enhanced satisfaction and peace of mind in form of a 15-year warranty that comes with it. That’s right! If there is any issue with the turf, you can contact us and we will take care of it.
Our artificial grass for dogs is made using highest-grade materials. This is why it is considered to be safe for pets and kids alike. No toxins and harmful chemicals are used for its manufacturing; hence, we can safely claim that our artificial grass poses no adverse risk for the environment.
Simply put, our artificial grass for dogs can prove to be extremely beneficial for you. Not only it will prove to be a safe play area for your pet dog but improve the curb appeal of your home as well. For more information or place an order, contact us now.